Our Governance Structure

The Governing Body is the decision-making body for NHS Corby CCG.

The NHS Corby Clinical Commissioning Group's Constitution describes Corby CCG's governing principles, rules and the prodedures. These have been established to ensure probity and accountability in the day to day running of the organisations.

Since their inception NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Corby Clinical Commissioning Group (collectively known and the Northamptonshire CCGs) have had a long standing history of collaborative working. Over the past 12 months the CCGs have made significant progress in moving towards a joint operating model to further enhance the value and quality of services commissioned on behalf of the population of Northamptonshire, and drive the efficiency of internal operations. The CCGs are seeking to build upon this work further over the next 12 months and as such have agreed to streamline Governing Body Meeting arrangements. The CCGs have agreed that as of April 2019 the two Governing Bodies will hold their meetings together in what is known as a Committee in Common format. In addition to this, it has been agreed that the Governing Bodies Meetings in Common in Public shall be conducted on a bi-monthly basis.

Next Meeting of the Governing Body

Meetings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Please be advised that in line with national guidance around the Covid-19 pandemic and increased pressure on NHS staff and services, for the foreseeable future the Governing Body meetings will not be taking place in the usual meeting in public format. Updates will be made available on the CCG website.

Corporate Objectives 2018/19

  • Quality - We will improve quality within all providers to ensure services are safe, efficient and effective
  • Transformation - We will create the environment to enable the commissioning and delivery of high quality services to reduce health inequalities and improve health outcomes and resilient communities.
  • Commission sustainable services - We will ensure the development of seamless transition between providers, where patients need the support or intervention of primary care, community care, secondary care, social services or the voluntary sector, within resources available, ensuring high quality provision and best value for money
  • Engagement - We will engage patients, public, members and partner organisations to ensure that services are delivered at the right time, in the right place and to the highest quality
  • Workforce and Culture - We will develop and support a motivated workforce equipped with the required capabilities, culture and competencies to meet the evolving needs of Primary Care and the progression towards a strategic commissioning function.
  • Accountability - We will be truly accountable to our population and have appropriate arrangements in place to discharge our functions effectively, efficiently and economically, and in accordance with the statutory framework and best practice principles of good governance and transparency.

Last updated: 30/03/2020