Prior Approval Procedures

Like all other public services, the NHS and social care are facing significant financial pressures.

Working with patients and the public, we need to find new, more efficient ways to care effectively for our population and to make difficult choices about where we invest resources to deliver the greatest benefit.

NHS Corby CCG and NHS Nene CCG are both committed to making the best use of taxpayers’ money by following evidence-based and national guidance to change the commissioning of procedures with limited clinical effectiveness. To support this, NHS Corby CCG and NHS Nene CCG have a joint "prior approval" scheme setting out criteria that must be met before the procedure or treatment can be carried out.

The joint procedure based policies and the joint approval forms can be viewed and downloaded here. 

If patients don't meet the relevant criteria or they want to undergo a procedure/treatment which is not normally commissioned, their clinicians can apply for an Individual Funding Request.

Implications for patients

Your doctor may not be able to offer you a certain treatment if it is not funded. However, you will be offered alternative healthcare that can be delivered within the GP practice or the community. This policy is the best way to ensure that local NHS funds are spent on things which bring greatest benefit to local people in a way that is affordable and fair.

Please note, where a patient has learning disabilities or has a diagnosis of autism or behaviour that challenges, we recognise reasonable adjustments must be made to ensure an equitable health outcome. We expect an assessment of capacity to be made, based upon the principles of the Mental Capacity Act, with a subsequent best interest decision made following the best practice guidelines.

Last updated: 03/07/2019