Corby's Health Needs

It's all about quality of life

At the last count, Corby had the fastest growing population both in Northamptonshire and in the whole of England.  That’s hardly surprising when Corby offers country living with all the things you’d expect of a modern town.

The surrounding Northamptonshire countryside is full of variety with rolling hills, lakes and rivers in a mainly rural landscape. But Corby also has some areas that are among the county’s most socially deprived. Right now Corby town has an estimated resident population of 73,000 - with more than 13,000 people living in areas classified in the most deprived 20% nationally. 

People living in those areas have particular health needs. For example, life expectancy in the most deprived wards in Corby is 11.8 years lower for men and 7.7 years lower for women, compared with those in the least deprived areas.

This means that the health inequality gap in Corby is one of the widest in England. A number of health issues have been identified, all of which are above the England average prevalence including:

  • Alcohol harm related hospital admissions
  • Smoking prevalence including smoking in pregnancy and deaths from smoking
  • Coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer rates.
  • Low level of physically active children
  • Increased level of teenage pregnancies
  • Increased level of tooth decay, particularly in children
  • 18.1% of Year 6 children classified as obese.

NHS Corby CCG is determined to address these priority issues as well as the broader health needs of the local population by commissioning the highest quality of healthcare for all of our 70,000 patients with delivery as close to home as possible.

This includes ensuring that we engage with those least heard parts of our community, to ensure their needs are met.  

All our work is informed by the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), through which CCGs and local authorities in Northamptonshire identify the current and future health, care and wellbeing needs of our local communities.

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Last updated: 10/01/2020